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Internationellt masterprogram: Litteratur - Kultur - Media

International Master's Programme: Literature - Culture - Media (80 weeks, 120 ECTS, two years).

At the Centre for Languages and Literature.

Presentation av programmet

The aim of this master’s programme is to strengthen the student’s historical knowledge and theoretical understanding of relations between literature, culture in general and modern media. Consequently the literary text is studied from an intercultural and interdisciplinary perspective. The student can choose between an English, French, General, German, Russian, Spanish, or Yiddish literature, and in Scandinavian studies. The tuition consists of compulsory courses in English and individually selected courses within the various language orientations. Some courses are theoretical, discussing aesthetic and cultural topics of a general nature, while others are focused on specific literary genres, themes or historical periods. Critical attention will also be given to the many forms in which literature enters the media and the public sphere in contemporary society. The programme may serve as a preparation either for further academic studies (i.e. a PhD) or for a professional career related to the field of literature, culture and media. In its full length the programme will comprise two years of study, but a student who chooses to do so can end it after one year. In both cases, the final examination will consist of writing a Master’s thesis in Literature - Culture - Media.



Alexander Bareis

Helena Nilsson