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I am post-doctoral researcher in the Centre for Languages and Literature at Lund University, and also affiliated to the Department of Computer Science at Linnaeus University. I obtained my Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics from the Dept. of Computer Engineering and Informatics of the University of Patras, Greece, in 2015. I received my Bachelor in Greek Philology and Linguistics, from the Department of Philology, University of Patras, Greece in 2008 and my Master of Research in Computational Linguistics from the Université de Strasbourg, France in 2010. My research interests include Computational Linguistics, Text Mining, Sentiment & Stance Analysis, Social Media Text Analysis, Sociolinguistics, and Corpus Linguistics. I currently work in the StaViCTA (Advances in the description and explanation of STAnce in discourse using VIsual and Computational Text Analytics) interdisciplinary project.



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Vasiliki Simaki

Språk- och litteraturcentrum


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