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Shannon Sauro earned her Ph.D. in Educational Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Her areas of research include computer-mediated second language acquisition, task-based language teaching in online environments, and the intersection of social media, online fandoms, and language learning. She has taught courses in computer assisted language learning, second language acquisition, second language writing, sheltered instruction for elementary educators, and quantitative research methods for culture, literacy, and language.


Om forskningen

Shannon is producer of the CALLspot Podcast, a resource for language educators interested in learning more about computer assisted language learning. She is also Book Review editor for the CALICO Journal. She has conducted research on L2 learners of English, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. Her review article, CMC for SLA: A Research Synthesis was recognized as outstanding CALICO article of the year for 2012.

Shannon Sauro

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