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My research interests in linguistics cover a wide range of topics, but they generally fall into cognitive science and anthropology of human language. My approach has been historical and I am particularly interested in different developmental path at different levels, e.g. from changes in a specific structure to a general change in a linguistic system in a specific linguistic community. I am also interested in the evolution of human linguistic ability and in particular, reconstruction of proto-languages.

I have worked on different topics in the past, and I am currently working on the following topics:

- Language contacts, grammaticalisation, ethnic identity, and linguistic conservatism
- Typology of perception verbs (With Marilena Thannasoula, University of Cologne)
- Evolutionary onset of the future tense (with Pernilla Hallonsten, University of Oxford)
- The English grammar from a typological perspective
- Sense of emptiness: socio-cultural differences in perception



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Junichi Toyota

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