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I have been with the Centre for Cognitive Semiotics (CCS) since January 2011, first as a research assistant and then, having defended my thesis in March 2011, as a postdoc. Prior to this, I was a visiting doctoral student in the Department of Philosophy, from September 2009. My interests include the way that concepts, signs (as semiotic resources), and language all pull apart from each other; and the use of conventionalized signs to determine moral agency, understood as being appropriately held responsible for one's actions and their consequences. I help organize the weekly CCS seminars, and I maintain the CCS web pages. I am the managing editor of the Journal of Cognitive Semiotics since its recent re-launch as a collaborative project between the Centre for Semiotics in Århus, Denmark, and the Centre for Cognitive Semiotics in Lund, Sweden. I am also the safety officer for my section of the department. I currently teach undergraduate philosophy courses one day per week in Skövde.



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Joel Parthemore

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