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I am a doctoral candidate in Cognitive Semiotics at Lund University. The object of my PhD research is to study street art. Here, street art is understood as a visually perceived unsanctioned cross-cultural medium addressing socio-political issues and has been chosen due to its all-embracing nature. It typically combines two interacting semiotic systems – language and pictures, and is thus a form of polysemiotic communication. With this project I aim to bridge the gap between the fieldwork research I pursued on Athenian street art for the completion of my master’s thesis in linguistics, and now the research for my doctoral studies in cognitive semiotics. Above all, I am interested in visual rhetoric, pictorial narrativity and storytelling, and new methodological tools as GIS.


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Spring 2018 - present: PhD student representative at Supervisory Board for Cognitive Semiotics

Georgios Stampoulidis

Kognitiv semiotik
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