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Master Degree Literature-Culture-Media, Scandinavian Literature. PhD-student in Comparative Literature 2012-.

Research interests: My main research interest are in multimodal narration, with a particular focus on autobiographical comics (or graphic memoirs). Besides the comics research, I'm interested in the works by Peter Kihlgård and Bertil Malmberg; autofiction; metafiction as well as British 19th century prose and poetry.

I have a background as a teacher in English and Swedish, a critic/translator, and author of an all-in-one book for advanced English at the Swedish upper secondary school/IB-programme. I have also introduced and translated a selection of poems by Britain's poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy to a Swedish audience, published in the literary journals Lyrikvännen and Peqoud.


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Other tasks and qualifications


  • Ernst, N. (2016) ”Performing rituals and the process of healing through art: a graphic memoir example” in Performativity in Literature: The Lund–Nanjing Seminars (ed. Eva Hættner Aurelius, Jon Helgason, Chengzhou He). The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities,Conference series .
  • Ernst, N. (2015) ’Photographs inGraphic Memoirs by Jonsson and Moissenen’ Image& Narrative volume 16, no 2 (2015). (Peer-reviewede-journal on visual narratology and word and image studies)http://www.imageandnarrative.be/index.php/imagenarrative/article/view/814/619
  • Ernst,N. (2015) ”Hembygden som helig plats, hemmet som det heliga rummet. Tankar kring Selma Lagerlöfs Jerusalem”, i Religion – 21 försök, red. Mattias Hesserus och Peter Lutherson. Axel och Margaret Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse för allmännyttiga föremål.
  • Ernst,N. & A. Lindhé (2005). Streams in Literary History. Liber AB. (literary history)
  • Ernst,N. & M. Andersson (2003). Streams in Literature. Liber AB. (All-in-one book for International Baccalaureate Programme)
  • Children’s Literature: LIVA15 Level 2 (2013)
  • Comparative Literature: LIVA03/04 Level 1 and 2 (2013/2014)

  • Comparative Literature: LIVA10/20 Level 1 and 2 online courses (2014/2015)

  • Special Area Studies: SASH16 Survey of Swedish Literature (2015)

  • Comparative Literature: LIVA60 Level 1 online courses (2015/2016)

  • Comparative Literature: LIVA70 Level 2 online courses, supervision (2017)

  • Swedish, Level 1, SFU (2017)

Nina Ernst

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Comparative Literature
Centre for Languages and Literature

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