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English Studies

At the English unit of the Centre for Languages and Literature, research on the English language and on literature in English is conducted under the leadership of Professors Carita Paradis and Cian Duffy.

Linguistically orientated researchers study the English language from a variety of perspectives, including semantics, pragmatics, syntax, discourse and language acquisition. Part of the work done by English-language scholars relies on experimental methods (the Centre has state-of-the-art laboratory equipment), and the use of corpora features in some projects.

Among researchers on literature in the English language, there is great variety with regard to topics and approaches, and an eclectic attitude to the study of literature is encouraged. However, three main areas are discernible in the work of both tenured staff and doctoral students: Renaissance drama, British fiction from Jane Austen onwards and the Modernism phenomenon.

Our regular staff teach at all levels, from first-year undergraduate studies through to the PhD. All tenured staff-members hold PhDs, and all do research alongside their teaching. As a result, both activities benefit from the latest advances in research and education.

The 1st-cycle English courses in Lund cover both linguistic proficiency (speaking, writing and understanding) and more theoretical aspects of the English language and of literature in English. In addition, our first-year students gain some basic knowledge of British history and society.

In addition, we are involved in the teaching of English for specific (academic) purposes – that is, instruction in English for persons whose primary concerns are not linguistic, but who need to be able to use English efficiently in various professional contexts.

We provide academic courses at all levels; see the figure below.

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English Studies

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Fabian Beijer

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Fabian Beijer

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Francis Hult

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Cian Duffy

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Carita Paradis


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