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My doctoral dissertation - published in 1992 – was a monograph on Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini. Since 2002 I have been working as Senior Lecturer and Reader in Film Studies. I was promoted to Professor in 2012. From 2015 I am responsible for the co-ordination of research as well as for the PhD programme in Film Studies.


About the research

Together with John Sundholm (Professor in Film Studies, Stockholm University), I have conducted a research project entitled "The Cultural Policy of Minor Cinemas: The Swedish Film Workshop 1973–2001", funded by The Swedish Research Council. A monograph on this subject was published in 2014. After that we have had a grant for a research project concerning the cultural practices of immigrant film workers in Sweden.The results will be published in English in a monograph during 2018. Besides this I am researching a row of international as well as Swedish experimental filmmakers from the 1920:s to the present. I am especially interested in the German-Swedish artist and filmmaker Peter Weiss (1916 - 1982) and have published some minor studies on his works.


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  • Manager of Research and Research Education at Film Studies
  • Member, Board of Section 2, Centre for Languages and Literature

Other tasks and qualifications

Associate Editor of Journal of Aesthetics and Culture.

During 2017 chairman at the review panel for aesthetic disciplines within the Swedish Research Council.

Member of The Swedish Writer's Union.

Member of Swedish PEN.

Member of the board of artist's club Aura

Supervision of PhD dissertations:
Ann-Kristin Wallengren: En afton på Röda Kvarn. Svensk stumfilm som musikdrama (1998)
Olof Hedling: Robin Wood - brittisk filmkritiker (2001)
Anders Marklund: Upplevelser av svensk film. En kartläggning av genrer inom svensk film under åren 1985 - 2000 (2004)
Anna Arnman: Hellraiser. Om Clive Barkers film (2005)
Mariah Larsson: Skenet som bedrog. Mai Zetterling och det svenska sextiotalet (2006)
Birgitta Smiding: Den stora mekanismen i Holm/Møllers Vasasagan (2006)
Emilia Ljungberg: Global Lifestyles: Constructions of Places and Identities in Travel Journalism (2012)
Sophie Elsässer: Att skapa en konsument. Råd & Rön och den statliga konsumentupplysningen (2012)

Supervision of two Licentiate theses in Swedish (School of Teacher Education, Malmö University College):
Lisa Källström: Berättelser om en röd stuga. Föreställningar om en idyll ur ett svenskdidaktiskt perspektiv (2010)
Maria Söderling: Att sätta erfarenheter i rörelse. En undersökning av hur elever i år 7 läser film och hur svenskundervisningen kan förvalta deras filmläsning (2011)

Assistant supervision of a PhD dissertation in Film Studies at Gothenburg University:
Niklas Persson Webjörn: Bo Widerbergs tv-teater (2011)

Assistant supervision of a Licentiate thesis in Practical Theology:
Ditte Friedman: Unforgiven. Perpectives on a Western (2008)

Lars Gustaf Andersson

Professor, Manager of Research and Research Education
Film Studies
Centre for Languages and Literature

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