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Currently I am conducting research separately on Daniel Rolander (1723/25-1793) och Georgius Joachimus Rheticus (1514-1574). Rolander was a Swedish naturalist and author who traveled to Suriname at the behest of his teacher Carolus Linnaeus. The expedition resulted in a Latin manuscript of the journey (700 pages). I have identified over 200 insects from his Surinamese collection and, together with Dr. Pedro de Moraes, over 400 sheets from his Surinamese herbarium. My critical historic edition of his diary is due out in 2012 in the series Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.
My Rheticus research focuses on a previously unknown set of annotations (lecture notes) that I identified two years ago. They were written by Rheticus’ last student Valentinus Otho in 1574. These notes from Rheticus represent the last teachings on interpreting Copernicus by Rheticus, the man who was also Copernicus’ only student.


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