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My main research interests are within theoretical linguistics (syntax, semantics, morphology) and experimental linguistics. I have recently looked at the interaction between scope reconstruction and morphological agreement on predicates in Swedish. I currently look at the processing and linguistic acceptability of sentences with quantifying expressions in Swedish.


About the research

I work within the framework of generative grammar, focusing, in particular, on (minimalist) syntax and the connection between syntax and semantics, but also on the structure of words and word formation. My work deals with issues connected to argument licensing and argument alternations in, for instance, middle constructions, passives, and tough-constructions in English and Swedish. In those contexts, I have also been concerned with the interaction of adjectives or adverbs and genericity. I presently work on a project in which we look at the concept of grammaticality and explore how experimental methods can be used to test hypotheses about this.


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Eva Klingvall

Senior Lecturer
English Studies
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