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Chris Sinha is Visiting Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Phonetics. For other appointments, see personal web page. He gained his BA in Developmental Psychology at the University of Sussex and his doctorate at the University of Utrecht. He has taught in Education, Psychology, and Language and Communication, in Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark and India, including two previous positions at full professor rank. He held the position of Head of the Department of Psychology at the University of Portsmouth, 2002-2005. He is an experienced plenary lecturer at international conferences and has been a lecturer at many graduate and research schools. He is Past President (2005-2007) of the UK Cognitive Linguistics Association and Past President (2011-2013) of the International Cognitive Linguistics Association; General Editor of the journal Language and Cognition (Cambridge University Press); and a member of four international journal and three book series editorial boards.


About the research

Chris's central research interest is in the relations between language, cognition and culture, and a main aim of his research is to integrate cognitive linguistic with socio-cultural approaches to language and communication. He is experienced in field experimental and observational methods in human communication and human development. He has published widely in many disciplines, including anthropology, linguistics, education, evolutionary biology, connection science, as well as developmental and cultural psychology.


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Chris Sinha

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