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Associate Professor of French Literature.
My post at the Centre for languages and literature in Lund mainly involves research but also teaching and some administrative tasks. I have published studies on the translation and reception of French literature in Sweden in the nineteenth century (see BREFS ), the "bovarysm" of Jules de Gaultier and on the novels of Stendhal in the light of René Girard's model "le désir triangulaire" (doctoral thesis, 2003), on endings in Balzac's novels. From 2016 I am working within the research programme Cosmopolitan and Vernacular Dynamics in World Literatures” (worldlit.se).

Research interests are the French nineteenth-century novel (Stendhal, Balzac, Flaubert and Zola, for instance), the role and function of literature, the translation and reception of nineteenth-century French literature in Sweden. Within pedagogics I am for instance interested in the role of emotions in the teaching of literature.


About the research

I am associate professor of French literature at the Centre for languages and literature, Lund University. I have been working there as a researcher and teacher since 1995, with responsibility for courses within French literature, language and translation at all levels. Most of my publications have dealt with the nineteenth-century French novel, from various angles: - the translation and reception of French literature in Sweden in the nineteenth century, - the "bovarysm" of Jules de Gaultier in novels by Stendhal and Flaubert, -"triangular desire" in Stendhal (doctoral thesis, 2003), - the problem of endings and closures in Balzac. Currently, I have two main areas of research: firstly, the dynamics between the vernacular and the cosmopolitan in the nineteenth-century French novel;  secondly, the role of emotion in the teaching of literature.

See http://www.sol.lu.se/en/person/AnnikaMorteAlling/


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Other tasks and qualifications

2015 Associate professor / Habilitation à diriger des recherches.

2009-2015 Position as Research Fellow in French, Lund University.

2006-2008 Postdoctoral scholarship from Einar Hansens Allhemsstiftelse.

2008 Award from The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities for research on the reception of Stendhal in Sweden and on the cultural relations between Sweden and France in the late 19th century.

2004-2005 Position within the international project "French Realism in Scandinavia", financed by NOS-H and RJ.

2003 Award for the doctoral thesis on Stendhal and René Girard by the Society of Letters in Lund.

2000-2001: invited researcher at Université de la Sorbonne-Nouvelle, Paris III (STINT-scholarship).

1995 Master of Arts and Master of Education for the Upper Secondary School: English and French (Lund University, University of Sussex, Université de Provence).

Some international conferences:

6-9 July 2017, Utrecht University, ACLA / American Association of Comparative Literature (Annual Meeting). Title of paper: "Paris and Stockholm in the novels Illusions Perdues by Balzac and The Red Room by August Strindberg"

3 February 2017, "Vive Stendhal", Université de Génève, CISA /Centre Interfacultaire en sciences affectives. Title of paper: ”Enseigner Stendhal”. Invited speaker by Prof. Patrizia Lombardo.

16-18 June 2016, Amsterdam: conference on Narrative, ISSN (International Society for the Study of Narrative), Title of paper : "Emotion and narrative in literature classes: Swedish university students reading Le Père Goriot and Madame Bovary".

8-10 April 2015, Université de Lorraine, Metz: « Pratiques et l’enseignement du français ». Title of paper : « La place des émotions dans l’enseignement de la littérature. De la théorie à deux cas pratiques: Le Père Goriot et Madame Bovary. » Programmet : http://40anspratiques.event.univ-lorraine.fr/DOCUMENT/crempra_programme.pdf

28-29 March 2014 : University of Sheffield, Society of Dix-Neuviémistes (SDN) Twelfth Annual Conference : « The Emotions ». Title of paper: « The Nineteenth century Novel and the existential position of its readers ».(http://www.sdn.ac.uk/conferences/annualconferences/Sheffield/Sheffield.html

3-4 November 2014, Åbo Academy, Finland: Journée d'étude sur la recherche en litteratur francaise en Finlande et en Suède (invited speaker). Title of paper : « Känslors plats ilitteraturundervisningen. Exempel från franska 1800-talsromaner ». http://www.abo.fi/public/News/Item/item/9118

28 maj – 1 June 2012 « The sense of an Ending – in Life and Narrative » (with Anna Cabak Rédei, Lund) at the conference "Narrative Matters - Life and Narrative », American University i Paris. http://www.aup.edu/news/special_events/narrative_matters.htm

3 November 2006, Sorbonne. « Bovarysme: littérature et philosophie. Il y a cent cinquante ans Madame Bovary paraissait dans la Revue de Paris... » Journée d’étude organisé par André Guyaux (Centre de recherche sur la littérature francaise du XIXe siècle, Sorbonne) et Per Buvik (Centre de coopérationfranco-norvégienne en sciences sociales et humaines, FMSH). Invited speaker. (http://flaubert.univ-rouen.fr/nouveautes/bovarysme.pdf)

21-22 October 2005, Université Paris 7: ”Le réalisme français en Scandinavie. Réception, traductions, poétiques ” Title of papers 1) ”La bibliographie suédoise du RFS” + 2. ”La réception de Stendhal en Suède”.

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