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English Literature

Research on literature in English at the Centre for Languages and Literature is a wide-ranging and variegated activity, both with regard to the historical periods in which our scholars are interested and in respect of the scholarly-critical issues they pursue. The latter include the question of the relations between writer, narrator and reader. A historical element sometimes forms part of the analysis: the scholar shows what happens when a reader comes to understand how an author’s contemporaries responded to certain words and expressions with which we are no longer familiar. Most of our work centres on texts from about 1800 to the mid-20th century, but Shakespeare and the literature of our own time are also subjected to scholarly investigation.

Though English Literature research at Lund covers a wide variety of authors and genres, two areas are particularly strong: the early- and mid-Victorian novel and Modernist poetry and prose. Our research in these fields is internationally known and respected, and both senior scholars and doctoral students possess specialist knowledge of them. The Higher Literary Seminar in English is a cheerful and active community where research projects are discussed from the first vague idea to the finished publication. Our personal webpages, and the Humanities and Theology project database, will tell you more about our work.