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I am professor in English linguistics and "docent" in general linguistics.

I hold a Ph.D in theoretical linguistics (1999) from the University of Edinburgh. I also hold MA (1993) and BA (1992) degrees in English philology (with second-subject studies in Nordic philology, in journalism and mass communication theory, social psychology and psychology) from the University of Tampere.

In autumn 2016, I teach academic writing (first-term level), an introductory course in English linguistics (second-term level), semantics and essay writing (third-term level); I also supervise Bachelor's degree projects.

Over the years I have taught nearly all courses in English linguistics in LU. I have also done course development work at all levels. I am currently working together with Cecilia Wadsö-Lecaros on revising the existing courses and on developing new courses in academic writing in English at all levels (from the first term level to the Bachelor's and Master's degree levels)


About the research

My research is mainly in the area of theoretical syntax. I am currently working on topics that in one way or another deal with argument realization in relation to the licensing predicates. My main focus is on various types of passive and impersonal sentences in English, Finnish and the other Finnic languages. Another current topic is the relation between participles and relative clauses in Finnish and related languages. My earlier research topics include the placement of adverbials and the structure and placement of prepositional and postpositional phrases in Finnish.

I have recently received external funding and worked jointly with Fredrik Heinat (Stockholm University) and Eva Klingvall (Lund University) on the properties of passive and impersonal constructions in Finnish and Swedish (2009-2012, funded by the Swedish Research Council), with Eva Klingvall (Lund University) on passivization in English (2011, funded by The Crafoord Foundation) and with Fabian Beijer (Lund University) also on passivization in English (2011, funded by the Erik-Philip Sörensen Foundation). I have previously also worked jointly with Diane Nelson (University of Leeds) on the properties of passives and impersonals in Finnic and Saami languages (2002-2004, funded by the British Academy).

I am member of the "generative" cluster of English linguistics (see


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Encyclopaedia entries (1)
Conference contributions (25)
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Other tasks and qualifications

I am member of editorial board for Nordic Journal of Linguistics (2009 --> )

I have acted as referee for the following journals (for most of them several times):

Journal of Linguistics
Natural Language and Linguistic Theory
Nordic Journal of Linguistics
Nordic Journal of English Studies
SKY Journal of Linguistics
Studia Linguistica

I have acted as referee for book manuscripts and book chapters for:

Cambridge University Press

I have reviewed research grant proposals for external funding bodies in both Sweden (The Swedish Research Council) and abroad (The British Academy, UK; The Kone Foundation, Finland).

I have acted as examiner for four Ph.D theses:

Katarina Lundin, 2003, Lund University.
Fabian Beijer, 2005, Lund University.
Johan Brandtler, 2010, Lund University.
Saara Huhmarniemi, 2011, University of Helsinki.

I am trained in CPR.

A somewhat out-of-date list of my publications, a medium-long CV (in Swedish) and an extremely long CV (in English) can be downloaded from below.

Satu Manninen

English Studies
Centre for Languages and Literature

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Room SOL:H307a

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