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My main research field is contemporary Swedish crime fiction. In 2014, my most recent book, "Swedish Crime Fiction: The Making of Nordic Noir" (Mimesis, 2014)was published.


About the research

During 2016, I am primarily working on:

"Countryside Crime: Rural Representations in Recent Swedish Crime Novels" (conference paper)

"Urban Action and Personal Vendettas: The New Swedish Police Thriller of the 2010s" (conference paper, article)

"From Solidarity to Neo-liberalism: 50 years of Swedish Police Novels "(conference paper, article)

"Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallander" (anthology chapter)

"Mord på semestern" (anthology editor and chapter author)



Books (3)
Editorships (2)
Articles (12)
Book chapters (34)
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Other tasks and qualifications

2009 Docent in Comparative Literature, Lund University

2008-2012 Senior Research Fellow in Comparative Literature, Centre for Languages and Literatures, Lund University(financed by The Swedish Research Council).

2005-2007 Research position, Department of Comparative Literature, Lund University, Sweden (financed by The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation)

2003-2005 Research position, Faculty of Humanities, Lund University, Sweden

2003 Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, Lund University, Sweden

2001 School of Criticism and Theory, Cornell University, USA

2000 Visiting Scholar, Department of Germanic Studies, University of Texas, Austin, USA

1995 BA (Comparative Literature and Art History), Linköping University

Kerstin Bergman

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