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Research Fellow, Comparative Literature, Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University 2013–

Faculty Director of Study, The Faculties of Humanities and Theology, 2017–

Director of Study, Comparative Literature, Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University 2013–2016

Editor of the Dictionary of the Swedish Academy 2008–2013

Lecturer, Comparative Literature, Lund University 2005–2007

Lecturer, Comparative Literature/Cultural and Media Studies, Malmö University 2006–2008

Graduate Student-employment, Department of Comparative Literature, Lund University 2001–2006


About the research

Participating scholar in the ongoing research project "Negotiating Literary Value. Sweden 2013".

The aim of the project is to develop an up-to-date understanding of the nature of literary value, and how it is created, by investigating today’s Swedish literary field and book-market, which have undergone substantial changes in recent decades. In modern society, literature is credited with great social, cultural, and existential value. However, the premise has been, and still is, an evaluation and selection done in accordance with the definition of fine art that was established at the end of the eighteenth century in which literary value was seen as inherent in the literary work. The premise of the proposed project is that literary value is generated by a perpetual negotiation between the conditions that regulate production and sale, and the institutions, groups of readers, and individuals who are party to the value-making process.

See also the modestly named project homepage:

Previous research has been conducted on the republic of letters and the literary public sphere in 18th-century Germany (and Europe),stylistics and on contemporary political, cultural and literary debate.


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Jon Helgason

Former employee at Centre for Languages and Literature.

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