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I specialize in and Latin American literature and I am a supervisor of doctoral students specializing in Latin American Literature.

My latest books are an anthology of texts, "Reflexiones heterodoxas", published in Valencia in 2015; "Aprender a escribir con Jane Austen y Maud Montgomery", published in Madrid in 2015; and "Lección de pedagogía", published in Mexico in 2015. I also participate in public debate on education through books and newspaper articles. I am often invited to speak about education in Spanish-speaking countries.

I am currently working on two projects: one on texts on the Spanish conquest of Latin America and one on what Sweden can learn from other European countries that have made significant progress in education.


About the research

I have just finish a book manuscript in Spanish and Swedish on Vargas Llosa's novel "The dream of the celt" from a number a points of view.

I have also finished a study with the title "Aprender a escribir con Jane Austen y Maud Montgomery". The analysis underlines that both authors use a closely-knit community in the narrative world anda lot of  humour.


Books (40)
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Other tasks and qualifications

Member of the Academia de las ciencias políticas y morales in Argentina.
Honorary member of the Academia de la Hispanidad in Madrid.
Spanish medal for civil merits: Condecoración al mérito civil.

Inger Enkvist

Professor Emerita
Spanish Studies
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