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I am an Associate Professor and Reader in English Linguistics here at the Centre for Languages and Literature. My teaching is a mix of English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP) courses and more traditional courses in English Linguistics, with an emphasis on Lexicology, that is, the study of words and phrases and their meanings and uses.

In terms of current research activities, my work is mainly focused on the following two strands:

* Second Language Acquisition (SLA), where I mainly investigate how words and phrases are processed and represented in the multilingual mental lexicon, using psycholinguistic methods and approaches.

* Language Testing and Assessment; here I am especially interested in validity and reliability aspects to do with tests of vocabulary and phraseology.

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Research groups

Completed projects

About the research

I am probably best decribed as an applied linguist with a profound interest in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and Language Testing (LT). In my doctoral thesis from 2007, which dealt with English phraseology, I traced the development and evaluation of two tests of receptive collocation knowledge in terms of their reliability and validity.

In addition to continued research on the learning and testing of English vocabulary, I am interested in the use of psycholinguistic experimental methods for studying the bilingual lexicon, more specifically the question of how lexical items bigger than single orthographic words (e.g., collocations and idioms) are processed, represented and acquired in the case of adult bilinguals.

Presently, I am mainly running a three-year project funded by the Swedish Research Council, aimed at investigating second language learners' processing of different types of English word combinations (e.g. 'free combinations', 'restricted collocations', and 'idioms'), and how cross-linguistic influences affect these processes.

I mainly collaborate with colleagues sharing these interests in Sweden, the UK, the US and Japan.


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  • Member, Board of Section 4, Centre for Languages and Literature


Other tasks and qualifications

I have taught/tutored at the following higher education institutions:

Lund University, Malmö University, University of Nottingham and Military Academy Halmstad.

Together with Marie Källkvist och Frida Splendido, I co-organize the Language Acquisition Seminar, a inter-disciplinary seminar series in which acquisition researchers from different subjects at the centre come together to present and discuss ongoing research.

I am a member of the Editorial Board for the journal 'ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics' (published by John Benjamins), and I have carried out reviews for the following international scientific journals:

'Applied Linguistics'; 'Applied Psycholinguistics'; 'International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching'; 'International Journal of Applied Linguistics'; 'International Journal of Corpus Linguistics'; 'ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics'; 'Language Assessment Quarterly'; 'Language Awareness'; 'Language Learning'; 'Language Teaching'; 'Language Teaching Research'; 'Language Testing'; 'Reading in a Foreign Language'; 'Second Language Research'; 'Studies in Second Language Acquisition'; 'System'.

I have also reviewed articles for the Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics (published by Wiley Blackwell).

I have been Opponent/External Examiner for four PhD Theses (2012 (Suhad Sonbul), 2013 (Paweł Szudarski), both at the University of Nottingham, UK; 2014 (Robert Lee Revier), at Aarhus University, Danmark), and as a substitute committee member in 2015 (Ketty Holmström), at Lund University.

I have reviewed research grant proposals for funding bodies in Belgium (FWO) and the Netherlands (NWO, the Dutch Research Council).

On two occasions (2011 and 2012), I have served on job committees for appointing lecturers/senior lecturers in English, specializing in vocabulary and language testing, at Copenhagen University, Denmark.

Henrik Gyllstad

Reader, Senior Lecturer
English Studies
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