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I work on the documentation and analysis of Aboriginal Australian languages, primarily on Umpila/Kuuku Ya’u spoken on the east coast of Cape York Peninsula (CYP). One of my core research interests is semantic typology and how the cross-linguistic exploration of semantic categorisation can illuminate the relationship between language, culture and cognition. I am currently exploring this interrelationship in the LACOLA project with regard to the linguistic organisation of landscape in Umpila/Kuuku Ya’u (CYP) and Manyjilyjarra (Great Sandy Desert, WA). Other research interests include: semantics and pragmatics; grammar–discourse interface; narrative and interactional organisation.

Previous work has included both coordinating and participating in CYP language documentation projects. My collaboration with Umpila/Kuuku Ya’u speakers involves community orientated projects aimed at language documentation and description and resource production for the purposes of language revitalisation.


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Clair Hill

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