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I am a teacher of classical philology at Marburg University, Germany. I love to teach particularly the introductory courses in Ancient philosophy, Plato’s dialogues, Greek mythology and religious thought as well as the history of philology and classical theory of literature. The dialogue and debate in the seminars, trying to teach each other how to translate language and thought from one culture (old Greek or Latin) into the other (a modern language) or vice versa, is for me what university is all about.


About the research

My PhD deals with one of the oldest reproaches against the poet, namely that he be a liar. More specifically, I study the implicit considerations on the relation of ethics and aesthetics as they are offered in the Odyssey. My supervisor is Prof. Dr. Gregor Vogt-Spira (Classical Philology, Latin). My stay here at Lund University extends to late March 2014. I was invited as a visiting scholar by Prof. Arne Jönsson (Classical philology in Marburg, Lund, Tartu, Riga and Vilnius cooperate in the network Colloquium Balticum; the 11th conference was held in Lund in 2012; the next will be in Marburg in 2013). I work on the interrelation and dependence from models of fictionality and reality in Early Greek thought, when the authors by whom we have the first testimonies of literary criticism are the very same who compose (e.g. drinking) songs, write legal texts for their poleis and are considered by us to be the first European philosophers, the so called pre-socratics. I also belong to an international research group studying the phenomenon of ekphrasis in European literature and art, under the special guidance of Dr. Heidrun Führer, Institutionen för Kulturvetenskaper, Lund University (

Other tasks and qualifications

Lotte Wege. Zur Homerrezeption in der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts, in: Wolfram Keller und Claus Uhlig (Hgg.): Europa zwischen Antike und Moderne. Beiträge zur Philosophie, Literaturwissenschaft und Philologie; (Beiträge zur neueren Literaturgeschichte), Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter [in print], 447-79.

Intensity, Clarity, enargeia. The Ancient Epistemological Background of ekphrasis: Aristotle, Quintilian, Theon, Longos; paper accepted for publication.

Bernadette Banaszkiewicz

Former employee at Centre for Languages and Literature.

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