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I am a doctorate student in Latin. I am interested in antiquity in general and the fall of the Roman republic and the emergence of the principate in particular.

In my PhD-thesis I will investigate the development of the term libertas (liberty) from republic to principate. I will look closely at how barbarians - Germans, Brits and Gauls (and Italians!?) - are portrayed by Roman authors regarding this concept. Tacitus, Caesar, and Vergil will be my primary sources.

I am also interested in translation theory, intertextuality (transtextuality), and theory of intention.

My MA-thesis, "Why No Mercy? A Study of Aeneas' Missing Virtue" is published in Symbolae Osloenses, vol. 87, 2013.


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Teaching spring 2018

Aske Damtoft Poulsen

Doctoral Student
Centre for Languages and Literature

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