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I have a Ph.D. in linguistics I am a senior lecturer in disability studies at Halmstad University and a research shcholoar in linguistics here at Lund University. I am currently leading the research project "Gaze behaviour in writing", funded by the Swedish Research Council.

I teach courses in disability studies and special education at Halmstad University and reading and writing related courses at several of the Swedish speech pathology programs.

My main research interests are:

1. Language production - particularly written language production

2. The relationship between spoken language, written language, and "hybrid" commincations technologies, such as TTY:s for deaf people and computer chats.

3. Communication disorders and different types of alternative and augmentative communication, particularly writing aids.

4. Readability, text quality and linguistic accessability of information.



Books (1)
  • Wengelin, Å. (2002). Text Production in Adults with Reading and Writing Difficulties. Gothenburg Monographs of Linguistics, 20. Department of Linguistics, Gothenburg University. Dissertation.
Articles (13)
Book chapters (13)
Conference contributions (20)
Working papers (1)
Articles in specialist publications and popular press (4)
Supervision at Lund University (1)
  • Asker-Árnason, L. (2011). Narration and reading comprehension in Swedish children and adolescents with hearing impairment. Lund University, Faculty of Medicine Doctoral Dissertation Series, 2011:8. Dept of Logopedics, Phoniatrics and Audiology. Dissertation.

Åsa Wengelin

Former employee at Centre for Languages and Literature.

Åsa Wengelin can no longer be reached through the department/unit.