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I am Reader in Swedish as a second language. My interest within the subject is broad – language analysis, second language acquisition, language politics, sociology of language, multilingualism and language didactics – my research, though, is focused on multilingualism, grammatical development, and the acquisition and learning of Swedish as a second language from a didactic perspective.

My research deals with language acquisition in different ages. During some years I have investigated children's multilingual development, but is now looking into the linguistic development of adult learners who study at Swedish tuition for immigrants, with focus on grammar. The general idea behind all my research is that all people have a right to language, both their mother tongue and other languages.


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In a project about the grammatical development of adult second language learners of Swedish, I examine textbooks used in Swedish for immigrants, from the perspectives of processability theory and different measures of complexity, such as subordination and noun phrases. Several language acquisition theories point out the importance of input one step ahead of the learner's current proficiency level in order for development to take place. It is therefore relevant to investigate if the input, in this case the textbooks, that the adult learners are exposed to, follows the developmental stages defined by processability theory and increases in complexity.


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Anna Flyman Mattsson

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Swedish as Second Language
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