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Second cycleSemesters
Swedish Stylistics and Usage, 12 ECTS (FÖUN01)
Translation into Swedish 1, 12 ECTS (FÖUN02)
Translation Theory, 6 ECTS (FÖUN03)
Genre Theory and Text Analysis, 7.5 ECTS (FÖUN04)spring 2018
Translation into Swedish 2, 7.5 ECTS (FÖUN05)spring 2018
Translation from Danish, 15 ECTS (FÖUN18)
Master's (60 credits) Thesis, 15 ECTS (FÖUM11)spring 2018
Master's (120 credits) Thesis, 15 ECTS (FÖUM22)spring 2018
Translation Studies: Theories, Methods and Applications, 15 ECTS (FÖUN16)
Translation into Swedish 3, 15 ECTS (FÖUN17)spring 2018
Translation from a Second Source Language, 15 ECTS (FÖUN19)

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