Linguistics/Cognitive Semiotics Seminar: "Image Schemas and Embodied Meaning" (Mark Johnson, University of Oregon)

8 juni 2023 15:00 till 17:00 Seminarium

We are happy to have a presentation in our joint "Linguistics and Cognitive Semiotics" seminar by one of the leading researchers in Cognitive Linguistics, and arguably the one to bring the greatest philosophical depth in the field. "The Body in the Mind" (Johnson 1987) introduced one of the foundational notions: Image Schemas, which are a precondition for the even more famous notion of Conceptual Metaphors, which Prof. Johnson developed together with George Lakoff and collaborators. All students and faculty from Lund University and elsewhere are welcome to the zoom link. But please enter from 15:00 CET with cameras on, and be prepared to present your self. The talk will start at 15:15 and last about one hour, followed by 45 minutes discussion.

Image schemas are recurring patterns of sensory, motor, and affective experience that give rise to meaning in language and other forms of symbolic interaction (e.g., dance, architecture, gesture, music, ritual). They provide a basis for inferences , thus constituting a corporeal logic. Image schemas also play a key role in conceptual metaphors, by which embodied meaning serves as the source domain for metaphorical understanding and reasoning. I also briefly discuss other forms of embodied meaning, such as body-part projections and spatial relations.

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8 juni 2023 15:00 till 17:00



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