LCEAL: Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng (Leiden University) — The “lightness” of verbs and verbalizers

23 maj 2022 16:15 till 18:00 Seminarium

Speaker: Lisa Cheng (Leiden University) Title: The “lightness” of verbs and verbalizers


In this talk, I address the question of whether the little v is the same as the verbalizers under Distributive Morphology. I use ‘hit’ in Mandarin Chinese as a case study. I examine its use as a light verb, as a verbalizer, and as a real verb. I also discuss the V+N combinations in Mandarin, and the lack of denominal verbs in Mandarin. I argue that the little v is not the same as the light verb, and I discuss whether or not roots are completely devoid of categorial status.


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Om händelsen:

23 maj 2022 16:15 till 18:00

Room: H402 (or Zoom)


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