LAMiNATE Talks: Makiko Hirakawa, (Chuo University). Language Proficiency and Children’s Iconic Gesture Use.

29 november 2022 15:15 till 16:30 Seminarium


People gesture spontaneously when speaking by moving their hands, arms etc. This is true of children and adults who speak different languages and come from different cultures (McNeil, 1992). Iconic co-speech gestures visually represent aspects of concrete events and objects. Previous studies have examined factors that affect speakers’ use of iconic co-speech gestures, including language proficiency. Despite extensive examination, the relationship between language proficiency and iconic gesture use remains unclear due to inconsistent findings. The present study investigates how language proficiency influences children’s use of iconic co-speech gestures in French and Japanese by controlling for factors that might have contributed to the inconsistent findings.

Zvaigzne, M., Oshima-Takane, Y., and Hirakawa, M. (2019). How does language proficiency affect children’s iconic gesture use? Applied Psycholinguistics, 40 (2): 555-583. doi: https://doi.org/10.1017/S014271641800070X.

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29 november 2022 15:15 till 16:30

Hybrid event: https://lu-se.zoom.us/j/61348857534 & H402


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