LAMiNATE Talks: Asta Cekaite (Linköping University). Children’s peer group interactions: Affordances and constraints for language and pragmatic development

28 mars 2023 15:15 till 16:30 Seminarium


In this presentation, I discuss children’s peer group interactions and peer cultures, and exemplify their social, cultural, and linguistic characteristics. Data are children’s preschool, and primary school interactions in first language, and multilingual contexts in Sweden. Children in various age groups spend considerable time interacting with their peers in formal (educational) and informal settings, and peer group interactions have been suggested to serve as an opportunity space for children’s social, linguistic, and pragmatic development (Blum-Kulka; Cekaite, Blum-Kulka, Gröver & Teubal, 2014). One of the theoretical assumptions is that peer culture has its own social routines, interpretative frameworks, discursive practices and normatively appropriate languages varieties (informed by the larger social context). While adult- child interactions constitute a significant developmental framework (Vygotsky, 1987), peer group interactions are characterized by more symmetrical role distribution. This presentation discusses peer group socialization, and the affordances and the constraints of children’s peer interactions for their (first- and second language) linguistic-pragmatic development. 

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28 mars 2023 15:15 till 16:30



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