Forskarseminariet i lingvistik: Acquisition of Attributive Modification by Japanese Learners of English

1 december 2022 10:15 till 12:00 Seminarium

Makiko Hiragawa, Chuo University, Japan

If there are two or more adjectives in English, the ordering of adjectives is rather strictly determined, as shown in the examples in (1); in contrast, there are no such restrictions on adjective ordering in Japanese (Sproat & Shih, 1991).

(1)  a.             small square table

      b.  *square small table     (Sproat & Shih, 1991, p. 565)

(2)  a.             chiisana shikakui ie

      b.   shikakui chiisana ie

       small  square  house         square  small  house  (Sproat & Shih, 1991, p. 582)

The goal of this talk is to examine what kind of input is necessary for successful acquisition of attributive modification in English by manipulating types of linguistic input Japanese learners are exposed to; i.e., explicit instruction, study abroad (natural exposure), and input flood.

Hirakawa, M., Shibuya, M., and Endo, M. (2019). Explicit instruction, input flood or study abroad: Which helps Japanese learners of English acquire adjective ordering? Language Teaching Research, 23 (2): 158-178. doi: https://doi.org/10.1177/1362168817752377.

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1 december 2022 10:15 till 12:00

On-site: H402, virtually: https://lu-se.zoom.us/j/63263453894


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