English: Punctuation and Conventions

About this course:

When writing in English, do you find yourself bothered by the ‘little’ things? Do you find yourself asking questions like: Does this sentence need a comma? Should I start a new paragraph? Should it be which or there? Who or whom? If these types of questions stand between you and written English comfort and fluency, then this course is for you. Over two half-day sessions (4 hours each session), you will delve into the intricacies of punctuation, capitalization, and usage with the guidance of our instructors. You’ll leave having gained experience using and creating relevant texts, and will take with you resources to enable you to better answer these types of questions in the future.

Target group:

Lund University administrative and technical staff from all parts of the university who write in English on the job, but don’t always know the rules of writing in English.


Most of the work for this course will be done in the class sessions; but you can expect some exercises to be done between the two course meetings.


Please note that this course is free of charge for participants and their work units. It is expected that participants will have approval from their supervisor to take part in the course. All courses will be taught by experienced lecturers from the English Unit at Lund University, who are affiliated with the Consortium for Academic and Professional English at the university (http://www.sol.lu.se/en/subjects/engelska/consortium-for-academic-and-professional-english/).

Further information:

Questions about the content and timing of the courses can be directed to Lene Nordrum at lene.nordrumenglund.luse


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