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Swedish as a Foreign Language

At the Centre for Language and Literature courses in Swedish as a beginner's language are available for different groups of people. 

We have courses for regular students, exchange students and staff at Lund University. Here at the centre, you can also take the Tisus test, Test in Swedish for university studies, recognised by all the universities in Sweden as a statement of eligibility regarding Swedish language proficiency.  


The following course in Swedish, starting 4 November (fall 2019), is still open for application.

SVEF00 - Swedish for Students with a Foreign Background: Level 1

This coming spring semester, i.e. spring 2020, we will also be offering the following additional courses:

SFSA11 - Swedish as a Foreign Language: Level 1

SFSA12 - Swedish as a Foreign Language: Level 2


Swedish as a Foreign Language

Head of Section
Katarina Lundin

Director of Studies
Lena Larsson

Manager of Research and Research Education
Anna W Gustafsson


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Testa Språkmelodispelet 2019-06-03