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General linguistics

Manager of research and research education, General linguistics

I investigate how different kinds of language information interact in the brain. This neurolinguistic research involves brain imaging and behavioral studies.

Speakers unconsciously use speech melody to prepare listeners for grammatical structures they are about to use. As a Wallenberg Academy fellow and principal investigator of a project funded by Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg foundation, I am tracing the brain networks supporting interaction between speech melody and grammar. Aids are also being developed for second language learning of the speech melody-grammar association and recovery of this association when it has been lost due to brain lesion.


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I have previously led a research project exploring how time-based decay of word forms in short-term memory influence sentence processing. I have also used Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) to investigate how words’ degree of abstractness affect associations in speakers with Broca’s aphasia.



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  • Manager of Research and Research Education at General Linguistics
  • Member, Board of Section 1, Centre for Languages and Literature


Other tasks and qualifications

Wallenberg Academy Fellow

Swedish Academy award to postdoctoral researchers, 2014 for valuable contributions to knowledge about the Swedish language.

Einar Hansen's research award 2015 for outstanding achievements in humanistic research.

Research award from Inga and John Hain's foundation for scientific humanistic research 2017.

Mikael Roll

Reader, Manager of Research and Research Education
General Linguistics
Centre for Languages and Literature

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