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Greek (Ancient and Byzantine)

Manager of research and research education, Greek (Ancient and Byzantine)

I am Professor of Greek, a discipline that involves language and literature from the Bronze Age until the end of the Byzantine era. In my teaching, I give courses in Greek Language and Literature from Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Imperial times. Together with colleagues, I also teach in non-language courses such as ’Greece through the Ages’ and the interdisciplinary course ’Women in Western European History’ (spring 2011).


About the research

My research is mainly dedicated to Greek literature and history of ideas, with a particular focus on the Greek philosophers and rhetors who were active in the Roman Empire. Presently, I am working on a monography on Lucian. - Besides, in these past years, I have finished three textbooks, two exercise books and a Greek-Swedish wordlist.
As præses of the Nordic Plato Society, I am preparing its next symposium (which will take place in Lund 2011).


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  • Manager of Research and Research Education at Greek (Ancient and Byzantine)


Karin Blomqvist

Professor, Manager of Research and Research Education
Greek (Ancient and Byzantine)
Centre for Languages and Literature

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