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The Brontës and Education

The Brontës and Education

Marianne Thormählen

Cambridge University Press
The Brontës and Education

All the seven Brontë novels (published from 1847 to 1853) are concerned with education in both senses, that of upbringing as well as that of learning. The Brontë sisters all worked as teachers before they became published novelists. In spite of the prevalence of education in the sisters’ lives and fiction, however, this is the first full-length book on the subject. Marianne Thormählen explores how their representations of fictional teachers and schools engage with the intense debates on education in the nineteenth century, drawing on a wealth of documentary evidence about educational theory and practice in the lifetime of the Brontës. This book offers much new information both about the Brontës and their books and about the most urgent issue in early-nineteenth-century British social politics: the education of the people, of all classes and both sexes.

The Brontës and Education was commissioned by the Cambridge University Press as a companion volume to the same author’s The Brontës and Religion, which was first published in hard cover in 1999; a paperback edition has since appeared.

The Brontës and Education. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007. ISBN 978-0-521-83289-2.