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Words and their meaning

Words and their meaning
A deep delve from surface distribution into underlying neural representation Special issue of The Mental Lexicon 5:2 (2010)

Redaktörer: Merle Horne och Mikael Roll

Words and their meaning

This special issue of The Mental Lexicon contains a number of papers presented at a symposium at the Center for Languages and Literature, Lund University, on December 10, 2009. The interdisciplinary meeting brought together researchers from linguistics, psychology, and neuroscience in order to discuss different approaches to studying the complexities surrounding the modelling of word semantics. The goal was to obtain a better understanding of the relationship between the linguistic modelling of the lexicon and neurocognitive and neurophysiological representations and processes related to word meaning. The papers cover both theoretical aspects of word meaning seen from the perspective of linguists (Jean Aitchison, Michael Fortescue) and neuropsychologists (Allan Paivio) as well as experimental studies by neuroscientists investigating different aspects of meaning structure using different brain imaging techniques (Véronique Boulenger & Tatjana Nazir, Yury Shtyrov).