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Media and Monarchy in Sweden

Media and Monarchy in Sweden

Mats Jönsson and Patrik Lundell

Nordicom Sweden
Media and Monarchy in Sweden

Can an unmediated monarchy even be imagined? In today's rapidly changing media, private and intimate aspects of monarchies are thriving. New as these phenomena may seem, and in some aspects surely are, relations between media and royalties have existed for centuries. In this book, scholars from a variety of academic disciplines put contemporary media-monarchic relations in historical perspective. The ways in which the monarchy navigates in a new digital media landscape are revealed with the help of older media strategies, while present conditions guide the analyses of monarchic relations to "new media" in the past. In Media and Monarchy in Sweden, altars and statues are thus taken just as seriously as traditional and digital mass media. Hereby, new insights into the complex interrelations between two powerful institutions are reached.