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The Construal of Spatial Meaning

The Construal of Spatial Meaning
Windows into Conceptual Space

Edited by Carita Paradis, Jean Hudson, and Ulf Magnusson

Oxford Linguistics
The Construal of Spatial Meaning

  *   Provides a multifaceted account of connections between conceptual space, physical space, and spatial expressions
  *   Provides different types of empirical support for the proposed approach, including experimental and corpus methodologies

This book considers how language users express and understand literal and metaphorical spatial meaning not only in language but also through gesture and pointing. Researchers explore the ways in which theoretical developments in language and cognition, new empirical techniques, and new computational facilities have led to a greater understanding of the relationship between physical space and mental space as expressed in human communication.

Readership: Students and researchers interested in cognitive linguistics, text and discourse, semantics, language acquisition, lexical-semantic organization, gesture, eye-tracking, and psycholinguistics.