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Journal of Scandinavian Cinema

Journal of Scandinavian Cinema

Anders Marklund

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Journal of Scandinavian Cinema

The Journal of Scandinavian Cinema is a new scholarly journal devoted to film in the Scandinavian countries. It aims to become the prime site for excellent research and engaging discussions on cinema in Scandinavia, both within the national context of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and as a region existing in a globalized world.

The region’s rich history of both fiction and non-fiction film-making deserves inspiring new research. We seek to encourage the study of new areas and the use of new approaches: to invite ideas, concepts and research traditions from related disciplines to contribute to the research and teaching of Scandinavian cinema. Moreover, the Journal of Scandinavian Cinema will continuously underline the relevance of other audio-visual media and screen cultures, both those that have existed alongside film for some time (such as television) and those that are still gaining importance (such as online video).

The Journal of Scandinavian Cinema will discuss canonized films, film-makers and trends, as well as underdeveloped research areas. Original articles on all historical periods are welcome, but a priority will be given to topical articles on trends, major film releases, debates and other aspects of today’s cinematic and media culture.

Scholars from film studies, Scandinavian studies, as well as any related area, are invited to explore Journal of Scandinavian Cinema and to contribute articles that inspire a richer understanding and an ongoing exchange of ideas across both national and disciplinary lines.