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Basic English Grammar

Basic English Grammar
A web linked course

Carita Paradis

Basic English Grammar

Basic English Grammar is not a grammar book per se, with para­graphs and rules, but a course designed specifically for speakers of Swedish who wish to improve their proficiency and confidence in English. Since most Swedish speakers have a great deal of intuitive knowledge about the structure of the English language, the authors have integrated exercises into the informative text in order to create a course based on ‘learning by doing’.

An interactive version of the book is available on the course website. Here, not only a vast number of exercises is provided but also feedback to help the reader to understand why the given answers are appropriate choices, giving them an excellent opportunity to enhance their grammar skills. The exercises and quizzes, with keys and comments together with many links to relevant language pages, online dictionaries and grammars as well as electronic corpora, are carefully composed and designed to promote inductive learning. The code to access the website is provided inside the book cover.

The target audience ranges from first-year students in English Studies programs to professionals in all walks of life who are working in international contexts. It is equally appropriate for classroom use and for self-study.