Courses in Yiddish Spring 2021

Information and guidance

Yiddish is one of Sweden's official national minority languages ​​and Lund University is the only university in Scandinavia that offers teaching and conducts research about Yiddish language, literature and culture.

A new generation of Yiddish-speaking researchers and teachers is helping to revitalize the language in the 21st century. The teaching consists partly of language studies and partly of cultural courses that examine the rich Yiddish literature and Ashkenazi-Jewish history and culture.

Courses spring 2021:

Our courses are taught in english and on distance and we very much welcome people from everywhere to apply. But please note that you will have to pay a fee for the education if your not a citizen of a EU country.

Apply on October 15 at the latest.

Language and literature courses

Culture courses

In addition to our language-focused courses, we also provide one or two courses focusing on culture each semester. They are courses that do not require any prior knowledge of the Yiddish language and deal with different aspects of Jewish cultural history, with a focus on Yiddish culture and literature.

More information:

About Yiddish

Learn more about Yiddish as and academic subject and our education here.

Student Counseling

If you have any questions please contact our Academic Advisor.

Picture of actor Shira Haas in the Netflix series Unorthodox
Unorthodox is a popular Netflix drama-series from 2020 where Yiddish is the primary language.
Portrait of the famous Jewish writer Sholem Aleichem in New York.
Portrait of the famous Jewish writer Sholem Aleichem in New York.