Zoom at Lund University

Join a Zoom class or meeting

  • To join a Zoom class you will need at link to the meeting.
  • Connect to the Zoom meeting in your browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click a join link. Join a test meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom here: https://zoom.us/test
  • It is vital that you log in with your LU-credentials. Go to https://lu-se.zoom.us/ and sign in with the same user-id and password you use for the Student portal (or Lucat). This applies to both students and employees. 
  • If you use the app on your computer to participate in meetings, it is important that you have logged in with your LU credentials there as well. Check how you have logged in by clicking your profile picture top right. Use the menu that folds out to switch account – if you are not already logged in the right way. Note! You must log in in your web browser first, so that your account can be created/activated in LU Zoom.
  • Sometimes you need to provide a password to be able to log in. The person who invites you to the meeting provides the password. You can also be placed in a waiting room, where you will have to wait for the host to let you in.

Find more instructions, as well as a short video here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-How-Do-I-Join-A-Meeting-

Is Zoom safe?

Lund University uses Zoom delivered by Sunet/NORDUnet with servers in Copenhagen. How user data is processed is regulated according to GDPR and laws and regulations in the EU. LU Zoom differs in this respect from the free version of Zoom. The transmission of data from your computer to the server, and from the server to the computers of the other participants is encrypted, and cannot be eavesdropped on in transit. You should however not use Zoom to discuss classified data or sensitive personal data.

The Zoom app has a history of vulnerabilities, and it is therefore important that you keep the Zoom app up-to-date.