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Student account and learning platforms

Student account

As a student at Lund University, you have to be able to access a number of electronic services that Lund University offers its students; among other things, you can use it to log in to the Student Portal and your webmail. This is called your Student account.

The Student account is created and sent home to students upon admission. Please note, however, that if you apply late for a course your Student account will also be late.

Your student account gives you access to the wireless network Eduroam, different kinds of learning platforms, study areas and computers, library search systems and the Student Portal. On the Student Portal,, you can see your results, print out valid certificates, download a wide range of software programs and log in to your student email account.

Find information about your Student account on 

Student email address

It is important that you read your emails in your Student account regularly. If you already have a private email address, you can forward your student emails to it if you wish, but it is very important that you check your emails regularly, otherwise you may miss important information, for example from your teacher (e.g. last-minute timetable changes).

Live@Lund or Luvit

Several of SOL's Courses use so-called learning platforms as a tool for lecturers and students. Some lecturers use Luvit platforms, while others prefer the Live@Lund platform and some lecturers prefer to work in other ways and do not use any platform at all. As there is so much variation between courses, it is very important that you pay attention to the information provided by the lecturer in the first session of the course.

Log in to the learning platform with your Student account credentials.