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Student resources

Welcome as a student at Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL)! On these pages, you will find general information for studies at SOL. Information specific for your course is found under the heading For students on the pages for each subject.

The Guide to LUX and SOL

The guide to LUX and SOL provides you with general information about the organisation of the Centre for Languages and Literature and practical guidance on various issues related to your studies. Pick up the guide in the reception, when the semester starts.

Student at SOL, HT and LU

As a student at Centre for languages and Literature, you are also a student at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology an at Lund University. On all these three levels, there are services and regulations affecting you and your study. All three levels have their own web sites: and

Lund University is large, and a lot of information is distributed on the web. On these pages, we have gathered the information you need, informations from all three levels.