Various forms of assessment are used: written invigilated exams, oral exams and take-home exams.

The rules for written exams are listed below. Regarding oral exams, written assignments and take-home exams, it is important that you carefully follow the instructions of teaching staff on how the assignments/exams are to be carried out.

At all written exams, it is important that you:

  • present valid photo identification
  • always follow the instructions you are given
  • only use writing material (notepaper, etc.) handed out by the invigilators – never use notes or paper you have brought with you
  • turn off your mobile phone and other technical equipment and put them in the place assigned by the invigilator.


  • If you arrive late to an exam, you have the right to begin the exam up to one hour after it has commenced. However, you are not granted any extra time at the end.
  • You are not allowed to leave the exam room earlier than one hour after the start of the exam.
  • You are not allowed to use aids such as dictionaries, vocabulary books, etc. unless special instructions about these have been given.
  • Remember that participating in an examination without valid photo identification is not permitted!

Exam times and registration

On the course website, you will find a link to your exam schedule, which lists the exams to take place in the current semester.

If you are to participate in a retake session, you are to register via the Studentportal. Certain subjects require registration for all written invigilated exams. You will find all exams open for registration in the Student Portal. If you do not find the exam you wish to register for in the Student Portal, contact the education administrator who is responsible for your subject. There are a number of possible reasons why you cannot register. The most common are not being registered for the course or that a previous course has to be completed.

In normal cases, the registration period starts three weeks before the exam session and closes one week before. Certain subjects may have different registration periods, so it is also important to read the exam information on your subject’s website.

Make sure you read about the exam on the subject’s website for detailed information about what applies for your particular subject. You select "Subjects" in the upper menu on www.sol.lu.se, then click on the subject you are studying. Then select "For students" to the left and click on the heading "Exams".

Find your course administrator...

...for help with registrations, results and other things connected to Ladok

Find your course administrator...

...for help with registrations, results and other things connected to Ladok