Centre for Languages and Literature

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Support and guidance

Study guidance at the Centre for Languages and Literature

Every subject at SOL has its own study advisor. If you have questions or problems relating to your studies, please contact your study advisor. Most of the study advisors have their offices in the corridor on the ground floor of Humanities House.

If you are an exchange student, contact your coordinator first.

For office and telephone hours, please see the website:

Study and Language Skill Centre

If you need help with your study technique, the Swedish language and academic writing, you can contact the Study and Language Skills Centre. It is open to all students who are registered at Lund University and is located at Sölvegatan 29B. The easiest way to get in touch is by sending an email to: english.supportstu.luse

Please

Student Health Service

You can turn to the Student Health Service with problems concerning your study situation. It complements the public health care centres, but is not for emergency care. All staff working at the Student Health Service are bound by professional secrecy. For more information, see

Student chaplaincy

The Student Chaplaincy is a collaboration between the Church of Sweden and the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden. The staff at the Student Chaplaincy are bound by professional secrecy.  For more information and contact, see link: