Courses instructed in English

Swedish proficiency is not needed

Please note: As an international student, you are encouraged to apply to courses and programmes in the January admission round to start in August, and the August admission round to start in January. The later admission rounds can be an alternative for students from EU/EEA countries as they do not need a residence permit. Apply by April 15/October 15 at the Swedish site But please note that these pages are in Swedish and that you need to seek information for international students on your own.

Spring semester 2022

Beginner's courses


Four 7,5 hp courses in Yiddish language and culture given as online courses:

Continuation courses

Courses on advanced level

Most of the courses on the advanced level (master's courses) are instructed in English. You will find them under each subject. Please note the language of instruction and the prerequisites for the courses.


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BA programmes

European Studies, English, Language Consultancy, Japanese and Translation

Our master's programmes

The MA programmes at SOL are based in current research.

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