Campus adaptations

A safe study environment – everyone’s responsibility

Everyone must share the responsibility to maintain a safe study environment. It is therefore very important that you:

  • Stay home at the first sign of illness, even if you only have mild symptoms, and contact your course director.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Observe good hand hygiene (it is a good idea to bring your own hand sanitiser).
  • Do not remain on university premises for longer than you need to after teaching sessions and follow the wayfinding signs. Please also ensure to visit the reception desks and libraries when there are fewer people around.

If you are a new student and need access the premises after opening hours and borrow books at the library, you need a LU card. Please make sure you have arranged this before visiting the libraries. All information about how to obtain it can be found at: LU-cards – cardoffices.

Libraries of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

  • The library primarily provides support online, read more about the library here.
  • You can search in LUBcat  to see where your books are located before you visit the libraries (link to video).

Practical information about our premises at LUX and SOL

The information below applies to the premises at LUX and SOL.

  • At the start of the semester, there will be extra assistants at LUX and SOL. These assistants will help guide us to the classrooms and remind us to keep our distance.
  • When you are going to your lecture there are directions for each room – these are available here (in Swedish). Remember to take the stairs so that those who need to use the lifts can do so safely and securely. If you have difficulties taking the stairs, there are lifts in each of the major stairwells (see alternative directions here, in Swedish).
  • Keep right in the corridors to avoid collisions! Many of the stairs in our houses are narrow – please give way to people coming down the stairs.
  • The furniture arrangements at our premises are adjusted to meet the safety protocols. This includes libraries, study places, group rooms, classrooms, and foyers and means that there are significantly fewer study places than normal. Do not move the furniture and remember to maintain social distancing!
  • The computer rooms will not be open; however, all students will be able to access them with their LU cards (without entering a pin code).
  • Do you belong to an at-risk group? Please contact the study adviser for your studies.

Do you have questions concerning the information provided here? Contact the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology at

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