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Placement test

Students who have completed level A2 on the CEFR-scale can apply for SVEE12 or SVEE13. Students who have completed level B1 or higher with a successful result can apply for SVEE14 or SVEE15.

There will be a placement test for those levels, please see date, time and location below!

Placement test information, fall 2019 (to be updated during May/June)

  • Date for placement test:
  • Time:
  • Location:


Please note! Students who attended SUSA12 and applied for higher SVEE levels will be placed in SVEE-groups based on their result on the SUSA12-test and should not participate in the placement test.

Read more here:


Questions about applications for SVEE/EXTA:
Please contact your LU coordinator.

Questions about levels and groups (after admission):
Course administrator
Linnea Lundahl

Questions regarding registrations and results in the Ladok system:

Course administrator
Gunilla Ek Werner