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Swedish Language Courses for Exchange Students

Information and Guidelines for Admissions

Please note! The SVE-courses are offered exclusively to exchange students. Other [regular] students, regardless if they study at bachelor, master or doctoral level are not eligible to register to these courses!

As an added value to the student exchange programme and to awake an interest in the language and culture of the host country as well as to facilitate communication, Lund University offers Swedish Language courses to exchange students.

In line with our available resources, in general, about half of the applicants to these courses are admitted. These courses are normally outside the scope of the exchange agreements, which means that exchange students cannot demand a place in these courses.

1. Structure of the courses

Teaching is offered through five (5) modules all of them worth 7.5 credits:

  • SVEE11 Swedish for Exchange Students, Level 1 (from basic)
  • SVEE12 Swedish for Exchange Students, Level 2
  • SVEE13 Swedish for Exchange Students, Level 3
  • SVEE14 Swedish for Exchange Students, Level 4
  • SVEE15 Swedish for Exchange Students, Level 5 (skandinavister see item 3.1)

For syllabuses see item 11 below.

2. Workload, credits, attendance and withdrawals

The workload for these courses is as demanding as other regular courses. Attendance is obligatory and the rate of absences will affect negatively the final grades.

SVE-courses must be an integral part of the student’s study plan in Lund and as with all other courses you must inquire at your home university if they will also recognise the credits that you might obtain in these language courses.

If you wish to withdraw from a course to which you have been admitted you must notify, both, your own coordinator and the course administrator.

If you wish to apply to a SVE-course you must include it in the same request to your coordinator as with your other courses. A full-time semester normally consists of 30 Swedish credits (=30 ECTS) to which a SUSA-course may be added. You must consult your Lund coordinator if you may take more or less credits.

If you wish that the credits that you get for these courses be recognised by your home university then you must ask the coordinator at your home university about this in good time.

Final schedules, reading lists, and other information will be distributed during the introductory meeting.

3. Courses offered during the spring 2018

During spring 2018 the following levels will be offered:

  • SVEE11 Swedish for Exchange Students, Level 1
  • SVEE12 Swedish for Exchange Students, Level 2
  • SVEE13 Swedish for Exchange Students, Level 3
  • SVEE14 Swedish for Exchange Students, Level 4
  • SVEE15 Swedish for Exchange Students, Level 5
3.1 Special course (skandinavister)

Swedish for Exchange Students, Level 5, is specially designed for exchange students who have profuse knowledge in Swedish and have this language as a major subject at their home university (i.e. skandinavister).

4. How to apply

In order to apply for a SVEE course you should include it in your online application.

Students admitted through agreements with the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) must contact their coordinator if they wish to apply to Swedish Levels 1-2 since alternative Swedish courses-EXTA24 – 25 are offered specially designed for LTH incoming exchange students.

Non-beginners levels

If you have completed level A2 on the CEFR-scale you can apply for SVEE12 or SVEE13. If you have completed level B1 or higher with a successful result you can apply for SVEE14 or SVEE15 (see above item 3.1).

A placement test will take place for students who wants to take SVEE12 – SVEE15. More information about where and when will be available soon!

Exchange students may normally be admitted to one module during their whole stay in Lund. In certain cases students may be allowed to continue to a higher level depending on availability and the student's performance. Information about the possibility to continue will be announced in class towards the end of the course and decision will be made after the final test and only with the coordinator's consent.

6. Introductory meeting and registration

The final admission will take place when the student registers at the introductory meeting. A student who was preliminary admitted but does not attend (or is late) to the introductory meeting or first lesson without a valid reason will lose his/her place, which will be released to the next student on the waiting list. Your coordinator on behalf of the SOL-Centre will sign your enrolment forms for these courses.

A student, who has a justifiable reason for not attending the introductory meeting and wishes to keep his/her place, must notify the course administrator by e-mail magnus.goranssonsol.luse with enough anticipation that the message will arrive at least the day before the introductory meeting.

7. Introductory meetings

The introductory meetings will take place:

  • Level 1 (SVEE11):
  • Level 2-5 (SVEE12-15):
  • All EXTA (EXTA24-25 LTH):

8. Levels and schedules

Lessons for level 1-4 (SVEE11-14) is half time pace and take place in the afternoon, in general twice per week. The level 5 course (SVEE15) is quarter time pace and takes place once per week.

9. Syllabuses


Course administrator Magnus Göransson
Swedish as a Foreign Language
Helgonabacken 12: L231b (SOL-Centre)
Box 201
221 00 LUND
Phone: 046–222 87 11